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Harry has breakfast at Casta Diva in Lake Como. They used the beautiful scenery of lake Como for the DVD they are producing. - 6/29

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@Luke5SOS: I just unplugged a lamp out of anger because i couldn’t figure out how to turn it off

Luke Lame Hemmings

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My edit, the org. photo is on chiaraferragni @ IG, do not delete this text so she gets credits! xx

rosy here♡

Have a rosy Christmas ❄️


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Eleanor at WWAT in Paris. 

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Eleanor Calder Collage Book

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08/03/2014 - Happy International Women’s Day

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My greek summer 5 seconds of summer / One Direction fan fiction What about my Angel ? - Page 1 - Wattpad


I’m writing a 5 seconds of summer fanfiction on wattpad and I would love it if you give it a look and comment your opinions  , it would mean the world to me . If you do read it I love you and thank you :) 

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